Mimosa Essential Oil

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This sweet floral scented oil encourages mental peace and wellbeing, and can overcome sleep disorders, in addition to supporting libido. A powerful immunomodulator, it also helps to regenerate, rejuvenate and restore the skin, as well as  bringing relief to muscle and joint pain.

930 EGP
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Used in aromatherapy:

  • Reduces depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, mood swings and excessive anger, and eliminates fatigue. Promotes calm and relaxation, whilst uplifting and stabilising a harmonious mood. Encourages mental peace in the event of emotional problems; 
  • Alleviates sleep problems associated with mental or emotional stress, supporting ease of falling asleep and promoting deep sleep;
  • The calming and uplifting effect is known to support libido and overcome frigidity;
  • A powerful immunomodulator to increase the body’s natural defence, whilst stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and improving intestinal motility;
  • A natural insect repellent to repel mosquitoes.

Applied Topically:

  • Regenerates, rejuvenates and restores the skin to protect against the signs of ageing – stimulates cell regeneration, boosts collagen, and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Emollient properties to restore dry skin. Soothes and calms inflammation on damaged or sensitive skin, including eczema, dermatitis and rashes;
  • Regulates the sebaceous glands to reduce oily skin. Eliminates dirt and toxins for a clear complexion and deters acne and breakouts;
  • Rub some on the chest to benefit from the expectorant properties. Helps to relieve congestion in the airways, prevent coughing, and promote easier breathing;
  • Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for the relief of cramps and general muscle and joint pain, including conditions like arthritis. Reduces redness and swelling from infections, sprains, muscles tears, and oedemas. Soothes, warms and relaxes.

Note: Essential oils are extremely potent and must always be diluted in a natural oil (such as almond, coconut, grape seed, jojoba oil) before application to the skin, scalp or hair). Ratio: 1 drop to 5ml oil.
Do not ingest.

Other uses:

  • Add to a warm bath to unleash the calming properties to promote sleep, and reduce stress in body and mind.

Application of Mimosa Essential Oil

For aromatherapy: add a few drops to a diffuser or oil burner.
For sleep disorders: use in a diffuser; add to water and spritz on the pillow and sheets; apply topically to the soles of the feet, wrists and temples; or add a few drops to a warm bath.
For treatment of wounds: topical application to the affected area.
For skin care: apply topically. Or add a few drops to moisturiser, body lotion, shampoo, etc.
For massage: 3 drops in 15-20 ml of base oil
For bath: add a few drops to a bath product.

Basic Properties

Analgesic, antiasthmatic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, calmative, deodorant, emollient, mood stabiliser, relaxant, sedative, soothing, warming.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Parts Used: Blossoms and branches

Aroma: Intensely sweet and floral

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